What Does a Front End Developer Do? How Front End Coding vs. Back End


I'm here with Heather from Artisan Talent and we're talking about front-end coding Firstly I'm a little ignorant what is front-end coding and how is it different from side back-end coding This is one of my favorite areas so front-end coding or front-end development anything you know with the HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery those would be kind of terms that you would hear on a front-end developer's sort of resume Okay What they're doing It gets a little bit more technical when you reverse it to the back-end side So no side that would be super fun There's no side coding No side just back-end or a front-end person And the back end would be more of your PHP your Ruby on Rails maybe your C Sharp or C++ sort of person But that's the really nitty gritty stuff to get it to the front end which the front end or the people that actually connect with the designers to make things look visual Okay cool and I'm assuming here we're talking about websites that may be apps things of that nature Exactly Okay cool so let's talk about front-end web developers What does a front-end web developer do What kind of projects come across your desk that way There's a lot this is an amazing space to be in across the nation I would say everybody needs a friend and person to make designs visual to make things updated to keep things going so we might get a project in or maybe it's a long-term project They just need to call a front-end developer straight and simple There's other ways to call it too but that's exactly what it is And there's a designer and maybe people on the information architecture and back-end that have created something they need it coded someone that has a desire and ability to sit there and be very intricate and detailed in creating clean code that others can look at There's an art to it and it's amazing If you do it well and if you do it fast you do it right you're going to have a lot of people looking for you Okay cool I've heard these people called the front-end web dev Yes That's just slang Just slang Alright good So what can a front-end web dev expect to learn doing this kind of work Wow so this area has been growing Some people want to get their feet wet so you might have somebody that's green right out of maybe school maybe out of a boot camp class or something like that and they're like I'm willing to do the thirty to forty range an hour You have more seasoned people that are going to command that fifty to eighty range hourly As far as salary goes you know someone out of school probably about fifty to fifty-five and the sky's the limit on this It depends on the client so Alright cool and front-end web developers freelance or full time or both Both both There are a lot of projects looking for people in that space Maybe a concept has been created maybe an idea has come up maybe a website just needs updating and they need somebody that understands that So looking for someone like that There's a lot of companies that have a development team connected to their creative team and they look for full-time people or contract-to-hire or maybe a fill-in during certain project when they've gotten a certain client so it kind of just depends But you name it that project exists It can be an hour all the way through infinity Alright cool and of course you see a lot of these projects and full-time jobs cross your desk Yes Working at Artisan Talent which is who we're here to talk about So instead of necessarily going out and trying to find a front-end web developer job approached on their own if they want to go through a talent agency like Artisan what's the benefit How are you guys how do you add to that That's a good question because there's a lot of opportunity out there We connect with different clients and they maybe don't have the expertise internally resources and finding these types of talent so they reach out to people at Artisan that know these types of people and where they exist and how to get to know them You do come across a lot of developers maybe at events or maybe throughout you know different places around the city and connect with them or going to you know see something that they were a part of and listening to them speak about their work We've connected with a lot of those people and knowing where to look for them So I would say an advantage you probably won't find this job unless you're already connected to us That's big advantage Alright cool so it might be worth connecting with a talent agency like Artisan And you guys are everywhere right You're in Chicago New York I'm trying to remember Washington DC

Indianapolis San Francisco and Los Angeles Great and the best way to reach out and connect with you guys Call connect via web LinkedIn find us at an event You name it we're there Alright thanks so much for your help Thank you