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I am here with Heather from Artisan Talent and we are going to talk about web development and mobile development Firstly can you tell me what they are and how are they different from each other? Web development kind of covers anything that you would may be on your pc or your mac something that's kind of plugged in through your tablet even on your phone too would be more on the web development side and mobile is going to be definitely about application market so an app that you download from rather android or apple whichever way you go, whichever way you go? Whichever way you go I don't judge, however, you do that that's the difference

� Okay cool so mobile development is all about the apps This isn't for everything? Nah yes there is yes How much work is there around for app developers that you guys experience either freelancer full time through Artisan? We do can all freelance I would say And I would tell a lot of people that we meet that's kind of how they operate is looking for new projects and such and some are only in android market whereas others only develop for apple and the IOS side So you come across some that do it all but some kind of waiver or kind of favor one or the other

So we do have both And is there anyone else in the market as a previous owner of a windows phone or is it really only apple and android we are talking about here? I mean that windows too I guess you can go into that as well but I would say they are either sort of outside of the IOS system and development or they are only in the IOS and do both so there is one or the other Okay how would you describe a mobile development career? From an Artisan's standpoint I do see people that are doing that more on a contract to contract basis There are positions within companies that may be its connected into the creative space and development where if you are a developer in the web you are also doing the app development too or maybe it's a start up in they are only or maybe they have started up in there an app And that's there that's what you are developing for is the mobile app only and that's a career for them and how they are a developer for mobile app within an agency or within a company

But we�do see a lot of freelancers and contractors that they bounce around between different projects and that's exciting for them So we have clients that reach out to us looking for different types of developers and mobile app is one of them What�education would you need as a mobile app developer? Definitely need to understand web development I would say say you need to be on your toes with good code HTMLs, CSRs , Java Script, jQuery name it may be its coffeescript may be its�you know something else that they use angular I am not sure�and understanding the mobile space for sure Understanding may be looking at other apps and understanding how they are built and developed, may be look at that back end and understanding that piece and moving that over to where you are working on

So there are a lot of components to it but I would say to be successful in it you probably need a background in development whether it's the traditional point of scope for computer science or computer engineering or maybe you have gone to you know one of the many you know different types of schools in Chicago that have book camp classes in such where you have learnt about mobile development touch that on to your design and you know may be even information architecture you want to move into mobile application development Having that expertise is so important in understanding that space and the differences between developing for the iPhone versus developing for you know Moto phone or developing for Samsung phone there is differences, understanding that is really important Okay cool so raping it up mobile development what kind of money can you expect? Wow so I meet people, some people that are more entry level into it I mean they are kind of just open to get in there feel well so they might be you know I just won't like you know 35-55 an hour you know whereas some people that I have met have been very seasoned and then they are more like 77-125 So it kind of depends, it depends on how they are set up may be if they are there on independent contractor or they have their own company or if they need to work through Artisan as a w-2 so it kind of depends on how they are set up I mean if they are only looking for something may be to bring them into a company and work for a company to that kind of varies based on rate

Okay cool and this kind of work obviously you work for Artisan Talent (yes) places people doing this kind of stuff all the time What is the advantage of working through an agency and how would I reach out and connect to you if I was interested in doing that? Advantage is we are connected to clients and people out there that may be you won't be able to connect them because they are looking to us for that expertise So I would say we are just another option in your network Another place to washout for jobs for you and connect you with the right opportunity It's a way to reach out you can always call us you can always connect through our website you can connect on LinkedIn you can directly apply to our job whatever it may be definitely just reach out

Okay cool, and final thing mobile development portfolio who the hot shot? What are you looking for this just like oh my god I found my fantastic person? Wow I did come across the guy � � � � � we were chatting and he had done a lot of mobile app and how to deal with them geographic location and he had done research on you know if you are here working you find in this you know this radio or what not So GPS based GPS stuff was very very cool then we had other stuff too But his whole repertoire talking to me was all gear on mobile that he has done development for web and you know internet and just regular websites but he showcased to me his ability in mobile so we had them separated and showing me his portfolio which I really really appreciated� Alright cool so the moral of the story here is if you want to be a web developer or mobile developer, reach out to Artisan we will help you guys out

Yes absolutely find you the work take care of you along the way thank you