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I'm here with Heather from Artisan Talent and we're talking about back-end developers We talked about this a second ago what's the difference between back-end developers and front-end developers Well the back-end is a little bit more technical so it's really I would say the foundation is a good way of looking at it For what's to come with maybe a designer an idea that you will visually eventually see So this is the very intricate framework to build upon to make something visual Okay cool and what kind of skill sets are you looking for You obviously have lots of freelance projects lots of full-time positions run past your desk What kind of skills are you looking for with back-end web development Well someone has to be very passionate about this Someone that really understands I would say the whole process so maybe they have a background in engineering or web development or something like that and they have kind of found that they really do enjoy the back-end side which could be working in Ruby on Rails which is something we see quite a bit PHP they understand sequel maybe they've connected with you know the C++ We don't touch that too much but that's important to know but understands that through the HTML and CSS and JavaScript and jQuery libraries So someone who understands all of that to give to a designer is really really really important and if they're efficient and quick and clean with their code hands down they will be definitely very happy person They'll be snapped up by your clients Yes Tell me what kind of projects can a back-end developer expect and you know what kind of back-end programming what kind of back-end database work what kind of back-end coding could they expect through you know through their career You know every once in a while we see something maybe it's like a full-stack developer so that's someone that understands back-end development with the front-end so those are occasional Usually companies split it or projects are split between a front-end person and a back-end person too do maybe someone that's really good at Ruby on Rails or Ruby Developer Those are the ones that we see a lot of because someone has to really really be passionate about that And they might have to understand PHP how it's integrated into a database that they use with the company or a CMS tool or something So understanding how to connect all the dots like that is really really really important You'll see sometimes like a sequel be thrown in there or maybe they need to understand angular copy script a little bit more on the front-end Just to be able to communicate with the front-end person Okay cool so let's say you have a person who has got that kind of skills who has that kind of passion is interested in those kind of projects what kind of money what kind of salary whether it's freelance or full-time could a back-end developer expect This is an area that if you're really serious about you can do very well So you know I would say you know currently we're working on some Ruby positions you know and as far as an hourly rate range goes for they're looking for someone in that four to six years so anywhere from like forty to seventy an hour So four to six years experience Yes exactly But then there has been full-time roles that have rolled through and maybe they're more in that one-twenty to one-fifty range That's pretty serious for a programmer Yes but if you think about it and this digital age we're in wouldn't you want your foundation you know handled by somebody that's an expert in that area And I feel like we connect with those people You know they we talk to them about what makes them tick why they got into development why they're good at backend and here we are And my understanding wrapping this little thing up here is that you're talking about someone who is more so left-brained logical analytical Yes Less so right-brained which is sort of more if you will communication emotional connected so I can see how And this is a bias bias bias question It's okay I can see how having a talent agency might be an advantage tell me what for a back-end developer what kind of advantage would there be in listing with a talent agency like Artisan It helps them kind of get out of their shell and not to you know kind of go off on that Someone they can trust I like to talk to developers because I love to hear that analytical side about them and what they've put together is amazing to me and how they're putting code together But being a voice for them maybe giving them some confidence giving them some coaching tips like Hey this is the type of samples we need This is what you're going to expect when you go on an interview this is the type of projects So it gives them kind of a heads up and I know someone that's very methodical and maybe very analytical likes to be kind of excited to know what's to come So really helping them feel confident in that space is another sort of I guess advocate are we can be part of Alright cool So if someone wants to reach out as a back-end developer as a back-end coder Yes To maybe get some work through you guys or an agency like you what's the best way to reach Artisan I know you guys are kind of everywhere right Yes we are but you can pick up the phone you can find us online you can go through LinkedIn you can find us at an event Don't hesitate to come up and talk to us Alright thanks so much for your help