Android Vs. iOS: Which is The Best If You’re A Software Developer?


Android versus iOS, which is the best if you’re a software developer? I’m John Sonmez from simpleprogrammercom and today I'm going to be answering that question

I got this email from a watcher of the channel from Junaid, I think, I think that’s how it’s said, Junaid He says, “Hi John, thank you so much for your awesome videos I was watching this video on software developer career paths, do you have any advice on which platform to choose between android and iOS and why if one is entering the mobile field specifically My aim is to be a specialist mobile iOS/android freelancer I’ve decided to focus on Swift and iOS SDK but after having spoken with a good friend of mine he is convinced android is the future

I would just like your thoughts on which platform you choose and why taking into account that choosing one platform at the expense of the other requires a lot of focus if one is to become a specialist on that platform” This is a good question, right? This is something that is going to change Android versus iOS, which one do you do? There’s a huge investment in either platform, right? Android and iOS are pretty different as far as developing I’ve developed android apps, I’ve developed iOS apps natively with other tools, with Xamarin, with all kinds of things and I definitely know there’s a difference, right? Most of us know there’s a big difference especially as a developer, so what do you choose if you could only choose one? Well, it depends It depends on your future

My honest view at this point because we don’t know the future and because there are platforms out there that sort of abstract things now I would choose both, to be honest with you like to be able to develop on both Maybe you choose one that’s your expertise or your specialty but there’s a lot of ways to do that Today, what I think is the best way to develop on both is to use Xamarin, specifically Xamarin forms By the way, I’m going to be speaking at the Xamarin Evolve Conference

I’m not getting paid to plug Xamarin I just happen to like Xamarin, but you can check that out I’ll put a link here for that Xamarin Evolve conference if you’re interested I think Steve Wozniak is actually going to be speaking there That would be cool

I get to meet Steve Wozniak Anyway, I’m going to be talking about 5 soft skills for software developers at that conference Back to the question here, so android versus iOS I would prefer, like I said, that you can do both With Xamarin forms you can abstract away a lot of the differences between the 2 platforms which is really good

You’re never going to have the same experience or be able to build this customized of an app if you’re using some kind of abstraction, right? For a lot of business development cases, even a lot of consumer cases you can probably get away with an abstraction and build the app to be multiplatform and specialize on each platform where you need to But if you don’t want to do that which I totally understand or you do want to specialize in one, I’m always talking about specializing which you pick If I were looking to make money today like what is the most profitable investment today in the near future it’s going to be iOS because more consumers pay money for Apple products It’s a premium product People are not looking for free from Apple

They’re used to paying and you’ll probably make more money When I look at my own app sales, the iOS side definitely sells more and it’s a unified platform, you don’t have to worry Now Apple is introducing multiple devices and screen sizes but they’ve done a good job or making it so you don’t really have to worry about which device you’re running on so much It’s a more difficult platform to learn To be honest, I haven’t developed in Swift yet but when I was doing Objective C it was way more difficult and there’s a lot more things that—if you come from a PC world don’t make quite as much sense

It’s like a parallel universe But having that specialty is definitely good Now that’s for the short term For the long term I kind of agree with your friend here I think that android is going to win out in the long term just because it’s open and because Apple tends to be a little bit trendy and I see that trend going down

I predicted this maybe a couple of months ago that Apple is going to start going down and they have Apple is known for the comeback They may come back, I may be totally wrong, but as far as the future, I see Google kind of winning the battle between Apple and Google just because Google is more open, Google has I think bigger—I think search is going to just get bigger and bigger and the advertising through search and Apple doesn’t have a piece of that so I think that’s going to be one of the deciding factors Android is also—in my opinion it’s a better design like from an architectural perspective, as a developer, it’s more interesting to me I feel like it’s better, much more well, much better design as a platform and it makes more sense to me

Again, maybe it’s because it’s Java and I prefer Java and C# as a language and so maybe that’s why Anyway, I feel like the design, the way that they’ve set it up is a little bit better It really depends If you can, I would say try to be able to at least know both and maybe specialize in one and if you can do a multiplatform tool like Xamarin, I think that’s—that’s what I would be doing today if I were an app developer today I’d be specializing in Xamarin

There’s a lot of money in that Microsoft is investing there as well But if I had to choose ultimately if I could only choose one and I was looking for the future I would choose android, but if I was looking to make money now and take advantage of the opportunities I have now in the market I would do iOS I feel like if you neglect the iOS side you’re going to be in trouble You’re not going to be able to make the revenue that you should from an app and consumers—especially if you’re doing consumer facing app I mean consumers are going to expect that you’re going to have an iOS version

If you just have an android version that’s going to be tough It’s tough It’s tough today, really If you’re building an app it really should be on android and iOS If you’re just thinking about where the money is, where the future is, I think android

I think there’s going to be more utility for that If you’re just looking for the short term right now and want to start developing apps and making money in the app store, Apple iOS is going to be the way to go So hopefully that answers your question It is a complicated question I wish I had a crystal ball so I could know what the exact answer is, but we’ll see

Just pick one The biggest thing I would say is stop worrying about the decision so much If you choose one and go down that path you’re going to be a lot more successful than people that never do anything that just—that have to get the perfect decision No one knows No one has a crystal ball

You got to just take action and do something All right, if you have a question for me, email me at john@simpleprogrammercom If you like this channel, if you want to get more videos on programming topics, on life, on everything else subscribe I’ll talk to you next time